Currently in South America. 

Based in Spain from September 2017 onwards.

Available for
Graphic Design
Digital strategy and content creation - image and word

I'll be honest, I'm no good at this. 

The whole selling yourself thing. Who am I and what am I doing? How do I sum myself up in all but a few words?

That, I’ll admit, is probably my weakness but I’ll try to keep this short. 

I’m a kiwi who has been living in Australia for the last ten years (no prize for originality there). I arrived at the age of 18 with my eyes on a boy and plans to take a gap year to figure things out before completing a Bachelor of Photography and Communication Design, followed by five glorious years in Melbourne. Ten years on and the boy and I have packed up our things, dropped the cat at my sisters and left Australia to travel. 

I love image. All image. Motion, stills, textile, illustration, type. I can drink that up into the early hours of a Sunday morning, tapping into the wonderful world wide web or tapping out with a book while everyone else is cashing their week in on a big night out. 

It feels like it’s taken me a while to figure myself out, to figure my work out. But I’ve come to accept that perhaps I never will. I, like everything, am in a constant state of change and with that realisation comes the freedom to create and explore anything I feel I want to at the time. Maybe it makes my work a little chaotic, a little less refined than some. 

But hey. I’m a work in progress and this is where I am. Right now.

Take your time to peruse and if you’d like to chat about a collaboration or upcoming project, get in touch.


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